Why you should be attending the DomainX 2017

DomainX Delhi 2017
DomainX Delhi 2017

If you are in India, OR any where around it, OR you are willing to travel to India around August 2017 – well, you have an excuse apart from visiting the Taj Mahal – DomainX 2017 Domaining Conference.

I first heard about DomainX in October 2016. But DomainX is much older than that. It started in 2014 with its first event at Hyderabad, India on September 7th, 2014.

We all have heard and most of us have attended popular domain name industry conferences like TRAFFIC, NamesCon and DomainFest but DomainX is a first timer for a country like India and it sounds very interesting. India’s very own domain name conference!

DomainX started as the First dedicated domain name conference to network, bring awareness and educate people about the domain name industry in India.

The idea behind DomainX conference was to bring industry leading International Domain Name and Internet Marketing experts to interact with fellow domain name investors and web startup community to showcase their proven products and services.

DomainX is the brainchild of a domainer named Manmeet Pal Singh, belonging to Amritsar in Punjab, India.

Some of Manmeet Pal’s achievements in the domain name industry: Sold 143.com for six figures, also some noteable sales like CreateResume.org, Tuly.com, LasVegasArena.com, VisitHimalayas.com to name a few.

Manmeet Pal is said to be owning a grand portfolio of domain names himself, around 10,000+ domain names in various TLDs and categories.

Apart from DomainX, BlogX is another popular event organized by Manmeet Pal Singh. BlogX focuses at connecting the SEO, blogging & content creation community. It was when I visited BlogX 2017 on February 11 2017, that I met and came to know about him.

I have not attended of the earlier DomainX events that happened in India. I hope to be going and attending the DomainX 2017 conference thats happening in August 2017 at New Delhi, India. Also Hoping to be meeting some popular fellow domainers from around the country.

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