Top Reasons to Start Flipping Domains

Top Reasons to Start Flipping Domains
Top Reasons to Start Flipping Domains

Flipping in common terms is buying/registering a domain name and selling it for a profit.

Let us try to understand this in a better real world situation.

We can compare Domain Flipping to House Flipping as the two concepts are very similar just taking place in different worlds – the physical vs. the digital.

Many Domainers seem to think that Domain Flipping is the process of buying a domain name and selling it as quickly as possible for a profit. This is <strong>nothing </strong>like House Flipping. Could you imagine if a House Flipper bought a house in need of repair – did nothing to it, and then tried to sell it for a profit – Good Luck! Instead a House Flipper researches the neighborhood their target home is in, determine what the average selling price of similar homes is. The House Flipper then takes a variable amount of time – could be one month, could be one year – and completely transforms the home into a masterpiece. It is through this process – the upgrading of the house both inside and out and dramatically increases the price of the home and give the House Flipper their profit.

The exact same is true of Domain Flipping. When you flip a domain you do your research and determine the popularity of your keywords, analyze similar sales, understand the market you are in and potential growth factors. Once you find the right domain you then begin the upgrade process by putting a high-quality, niche content-driven website on the domain with information your target audience is looking for. You turn a domain name that was getting 1-2 visitors a day into an investment that is making $100/month and receiving thousands of visitors.

This is Domain Flipping and it takes a different amount of time for each domain name.

Our average time for a flip is around three to six months. This is the amount of time we feel it takes for most of our domains to begin generating consistent monthly revenue and strong organic traffic.

When thinking of Domain Flipping it is essential that people understand that you need to take time, do your research, and develop a destination on your domain name that will bring with it traffic and revenue.

Like I said earlier, a House Flipper wouldn’t buy a long-pending to-be-sold house and try to sell it without completely transforming the house inside and out so that it is attractive to buyers.

A Domain Flipper should have a good investment insight and if possible, also have a good team that can provide the skills necessary to grow your investment. When finished your domain should be a brand-new entity, and an asset that will pay itself back better.

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