What makes a “Domain King”

Rick Schwartz - The Domain King

You might have over 100,000 domain names in your portfolio but thats a Domain Stockist and not a Domain King. Domaining is about Quality, not Quantity. That is what the Domain King proves to us.

Today we discuss what makes Rick Schwartz the Real Domain Name King for last Two decades, Now and Forever.

Sense of Quality Domaining is a skill that is used passively and it reveals some information on sight and may reveal more information as you carry the skill around. Since it is used passively and trains your perception, it is an excellent skill to learn early in the domaining game.

Look at these names:





Moreover, look at these:




Rick Schwartz purchased his first domain name in December 1995 when he paid $100 for LipService.com. Eight years later to the month he sold one, Men.com, for $1.32 million in a deal that was reported worldwide.

He was one of the very first people to see that domains had the same potential in cyberspace that real estate had in the real world.

He started his domain name business with a total investment of $1,800 and earned around $20 million over the next 8 years, thats one of the reasons why he is the Domain King.

Can we even think about registering or owning such names, in today’s world ? Probably Not. But this guy is Inspirational. I have been reading at domainking.com/ricksblog.com for the last 10 years, and all I gain from him and his lifestyle is – Inspiration.

Some of Rick’s milestone sales:







Acquiring a One Word domain name is inspirational, but knowing about its Sales story is more fascinating than any thing else.

Quoting from the Rick’s blog: Domains would go up faster in value than any commodity or asset ever know to mankind.” No stock, no land, no gold, no jewel has ever gone up faster and further in value. Since that sale Rick has sold Candy.com for $3 Million plus royalty and retians 10% ownership, Property.com for $4 Million with an equity stake and ebet.com for $1.35 Million cash.