My experiences from DomainX 2017, New Delhi

Myself with Manmeet Pal Singh (left) and Gaurav Kohli (right) at DomainX 2017

The DomainX 2017, held at New Delhi on August 05, 2017 featured plenty of standard fare, from keynotes by industry leaders and deep dives into hot topics, to interactive panels with professionals from both inside and outside the domain industry.

For me it was a very engaging experience because of these 3 facts:

1. This was the first time ever that I attended an Exclusive Domaining event that happened in India.

2. Since 1999, I had been doing this all alone – Searching Domains, Registering Domains, Putting them on Sale, Checking Sales of others, reading Blogs and Tips from fellow domainers (mostly based out of India). This was first time I had a first hand interaction with Domainers from India and I bet their experience and knowledge is No Less than any other Domainers based out of India.

3. Well, this one came as a complete surprise to me when they announced my name on the stage – I won an award for the “DomainX .in evangelist of the year 2016-2017“. Its an awesome feeling, to get recognized for your hard work. As for me, I am working and will keep working for the betterment of community.

We all know that Buying domains is easy but selling the right domain at the right price to the perfect buyer is an art. This year’s DomainX was focused upon Selling of Domains, adhering with the copyright/trademark issues, developing domains into great web properties and many more interesting and productive topics.

Every one was really impressed with the variety of the schedule and the incorporation of considerable content.

I did not attend the DomainX 2016, but I had heard DomainX 2016 delivered more than it had promised, because it did so by utilizing the energy of its founder, Manmeet Pal Singh, and his team of hard working people. This year too, they lived upto the expectation and even more. The show was hosted by Gaurav Kohli, who is a very good speaker and also the president of DNOAI (Domain Name Owners Association of India).

Following are a few highlights of the conference as per my experience after attending the DomainX 2017:

1. Established New Connections with extremely talented, young(er) people, in the Indian Domain Name Industry. Learnt from them, interacted and started networking with the Indian Domaining Industry’s who’s who.

2. Met the Legends. Indian Domaining does not Only cover the .in ccTLD, infact most of the Indian Domainers are into .com and other general TLDs. As they themselves say, there is no better opportunity than this for budding domain name owners, investors and entrepreneurs to connect and learn from experts.

3. Learnt from the suggestions, recommendations, feedback and criticism even, from people whose minds think differently than I do. It’s important to expand one’s vision, to accept as much knowledge as possible in order to improve oneself.

4. Met my Domainer Friends. This was the most important point of attending DomainX for me. I have interacted through Phone Calls and WhatsApp, with almost all the top-notch people in Indian Domaining, living inside and outside India. Interestingly, I had not met any of them earlier. It was now at DomainX 2017 when I actually met most of them, shook hands and talked with them in real time.

5. Witnessed people’s excitement over simple interactions, from quick conversations to analysis of business practices. I was able to share some facts from my experiences to feel useful and appreciated at the same time.

6. Assimilated the wide variety of ideas, plans, projects, and actions in an industry that came together to communicate, exchange and co-inspire.

Last but not least, what started as a passion for Manmeet Pal Singh (founder of DomainX) is now spreading awareness and exposure through his efforts towards uniting the whole Domaining community in India. That covers domain name investors, domain name registrars, ICANN officials, and domain name enthusiasts who are always trying to broaden their knowledge and learn latest skills and technologies.