Are .net domains still any good ?

Are .net domains still any good ?

We all know .net TLD stands for Network.

We also know that when we learn about Domain Names and TLDs in particular, the second TLD that comes right after the .com is, .net followed by the .org.

.com stands for Commercial or Company to some, so when you try to brand your business is that really the full form of these Extensions that matter to you or other factors like price, availability, etc.

There are certainly some instances where .net as an extension makes more sense but where the .com extension is still a better branding decision.

Choosing .com as an extension offers the advantage of being the default assumption for web surfers. If someone tells their friend about this awesome service called “Facebook,” they are more likely to try facebook.com rather than facebook.net.

Having said that, there are still many brands using .net as their choice of company identity rather than a .com (Yes, even if the .com is available!).

According to market research by VeriSign, .net is still considered the most “trustworthy” of all domain endings.

In terms of SEO, your domain name extension makes no difference what so ever, its really the Uniqueness of your content and how rich your content is, is what really matters. We should also try to have the domain name match the keyword search phrase if doing SEO, it is a good practice anyway. .net from what I have seen is second best to a .com.

Also, .net domains seem to be a wise option if the .com is taken or is listed as a premium domain for several thousands of dollars.

Recently, there was a .net Promotion running on from some domain name registrars and following are a few .net I registered for myself:



Well, I think what I registered is “the future“, in .net!