Manpreet Singh Chandoak

Manpreet Singh Chandoak

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GoDomaining.com is proudly published by Manpreet Singh.
[Masters in Sciences, Masters in Computing Apps, ADIT, GNIIT]

Manpreet Singh is an established Web Services and Solutions Provider. He has devised and deployed web security solutions for a large number of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized organizations.

He is in the Domain Name Industry for the past 17 years and he has made some decent acquisitions and sales, considering domaining has not been his full time job.

Some quick stats:

As a Developer (his primary profession)
Worked on over 1000+ website portals till date, as a web developer for clients all over the world.

As a Domainer
Registered 2000+ domains, sold 200+ till date.

He has also assisted local sales and acted as a consultant to clients in choosing and registering strategic domain names for their business and corporate identity protection.


A web developer by profession, a domainer by heart.


Hi, my name is Manpreet Singh. I registered my first domain name in July 2000. (it was a dot com!)

When I tell someone that I am a Domainer, the first thing that comes in their mind is – he must be registering domains of some Fortune 500 companies and then e-mailing them, trying to sell it for a Sky-High price.

I accept their lack of understanding and try to educate them about Domaining.

Its kind of hard for a non-domaining person to understand the analysis and research we do for each domain that we invest in.

I still have to tell and explain to almost every one I meet, what is Domaining and how it is different from Cybersquatting.

When I started, like any new beginner in Domaining I was also fascinated by reading about Industry pioneers like Rick Schwartz, Kevin Ham, Mike Mann, Dan Rubin, Michael P. Eddy, Sahar Sarid, Ron Jackson, Ron James, Frank Schilling, Shane Cultra, Michael Cyger, Elliot Silver, Chef Patrick, Bill Eisenmann and many more.

In my journey over the period of Two decades in Domaining, I have come into interaction and learnt from many domainers, ranging from those who have 100 domain names to those who have over 50,000 domains in their portfolio. Some like to be named, some prefer to remain anonymous.

Through this website, I will be writing down my experiences and about the knowledge I have gained from reading others’ blogs and as its said – sharing is beautiful!

If you ever feel there are issues with the content published on this website, or would like to contact me for sponsorship or any other reason, just drop me a line at – info@godomaining.com

Go Domaining!

Manpreet Singh